The Brave Star



by Jan Tetstone


    Once upon a time there lived an Indian girl named Star Falling.  Star got her name because when she was small she fell down a lot.  Star got teased a lot by the other  Indian children. She was a loner.  . Star was different from her friends. While they were always in a group, Star was in front of her family's teepee, dancing on top of a drum.   She loved to hear the sound as her feet, one at a time, came down on the drum top. Falling down and getting back up all those years,  helped Star grow to be very strong. Even the boys knew better than to challenge Star to a foot race or a canoe race. There was nothing Star liked better than her canoe.

    One day Star decided to canoe down river and gather wildflowers and berries for her mother Sky Flower. She knew exactly where to find them.  Star never told anyone where she found the multicolored flowers and juicy, sweet berries she was known for bringing back to camp  after a day outing with her canoe. It was her secret place.

    Star decided she was going to head  out early the next morning .It was such a beautiful night and the campfire was still burning brightly. And Star loved laying on her blanket watching the falling stars off in the distance......

     The next morning Star was just getting into her canoe when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was her father Running Wolf's hand. He had woke to find Star gone.

"Star, where are you going? Were you going off without telling anyone you were leaving? Your mother will be upset if she wakes and you're not in the teepee."

"I wanted to surprise her. I will be back before she wakes up. Can I please take the canoe, Father?" Star asked

"You can take the canoe but you have to be back before your mother gets up." He said, giving Star's shoulder a gentle squeeze, before turning and walking toward the Teepee. Star got in her canoe and headed in the direction of her secret place. Star found the place the first time she was allowed to go canoeing by herself . It was such a beautiful place.

As Star's canoe moved along in the water, Star remembered the first time she had made the journey that had opened a whole new world up to her, filled with more beauty than she had ever seen in the same place. The thought of the baby deer that ate berries from her hand made star smile, as she pulled her canoe from the water.

    Suddenly, Star found herself surrounded by butterflies of every color. Then she remembered the time she got lost and butterflies  touched her nose with butterfly kisses. She gave out a happy laugh and ran as fast as she could to the place she called "Angel Garden." Because that is where she met her guardian angel Sonya Rose for the first time. As the butterflies danced around the yellow, white and purple flowers , Star started singing the song that Sonya Rose told her to sing when she wanted to visit with her.

Wi na de ya ho
Wi na de ya ho
Wi na de ya
Wi na de ya

Ho ho ho ho
He ya ho
He ya ho
Ya ya ya

Wi na de ya ho
Wi na de ya ho

Ho ho ho ho
He ya ho
He ya ho
Ya ya ya
He ya ho
He ya ho

Just as Star started to gather the bouquet of flowers for her mother Sonya Rose  appeared  holding a beautiful green and black butterfly but she looked as if she had been crying.

"What's wrong Sonya?" Star asked ,as she made her way through the flowers and butterflies to where the angel stood, with her white shiny angel wings outstretched.

"Star, you must return to the village. There is a bad storm coming. You must warn your family and others."

"But how do you know about the storm? It is sunny and bright here."

"I'm your guardian angel. I sense anything that endangers your life. The water is already beginning to move unnaturally." Sonya said, calmly.

Now. Tears were in Star's eyes too, as she turned and ran in the direction  where her canoe rest.

The butterflies, sensing something was wrong, gathered  around Sonya , giving her butterfly kisses as she pushed the canoe into the water and climbed in.

    The canoe had only gone  a  short distant when the sky darkened and it started to rain. Star knew she would have to hurry if she was going to warn the village about the storm  headed their way. It seemed like she'd been in the canoe for hours. She couldn't remember it taking so long to get home before. Suddenly, the rain stopped, and Star begin to cry.

"What's wrong?" Shouted a voice coming from the shore.

    As Star's canoe got closer to shore she saw a teepee  and an Indian boy.

"Who are you?" Star yelled. Not knowing if it would be wise to trust this stranger who seem to appear out of nowhere.

"I am called 'Moon '.  Why are you alone and crying? "

   Star no longer felt threatened by the figure stand on the shore, and decide to canoe to shore. Stepping onto land, a calmness  swept over her.

"My name is Star. My father is expecting me back at my village before my mother wakes up...And I just know I am late and my family are wondering what has happened to me."

Moon listened, as Star told him about visiting her secret place and about the pending storm. 

"Wait here! I will be back."  Moon said, as he walked toward a group of horses grazing on some green grass. A few minutes later Moon came back into sight. Star stared in amazement. Walking next to him was the strangest looking horse she had ever seen.

    "Don't be afraid. Shine is a magic unicorn. She will take you to your village." Moon said, as the two moved closer to where Star was standing with a questioning look on her face. "Climb on. Don't worry about your canoe. I will take it to your village, after the storm is gone. "Moon said, before he and his teepee vanished.

Star looked at the unicorn, setting peacefully in the grass.

If I don't get to the village soon. It will be to late to warn my family and the other villagers. Star took a deep breath, walked over to where Shine was, and climbed on her back. Without a word, from Star, the unicorn raised them both into the sky and headed in the direction of the village.


Almost as soon as the unicorn raised into the dark stormy sky, the sky brightened .  "Good" thought Star, "The storm has not reached my village. There is still time to warn everyone."

When the village was in sight, Star's heart started beating really fast. She   saw her father, mother  and other villagers standing on the riverbank where her canoe was suppose to be. She could tell from their faces that they were thinking the worst had happened to her. How was she going to get down to where the gathering was, Star wondered.

Suddenly, Star found herself in mid air, before she falling into the river below, and finding herself and Shine standing next to each other in the cool water. 'Wow' thought Star "that's a ride I will never forget,' turning her gaze to the happy group wadding through the water, to welcome  her home.

Her father Running Wolf was the first to reach his daughter. "Your mother has been worried........"

Before he could get another word out, Star yelled," There is a monster storm  headed straight for the village! Everyone get to a safe place! Go to the caves. We will be safe there."

As they hurried to get to the caves, lightening lit up the sky.

"Star, where is your mother!?" Running Wolf yelled, above the thunder, as he turned and started running back down the mountain. Not giving his daughter time to answer his question. Without thinking, Star darted off after her father.

"Father! Mother! Where are you!?"

Suddenly, Star  felt herself  in the eye of the monster storm, being flipped and turned down the mountain side, by the strong, gusty wind. Tears started streaming down her face as she started singing. She needed her guardian angel's help, if she was going to find her parents.

 "Wi na de ya ho
Wi na de ya ho

Wi na de ya
Wi na de ya"

"Where are you Sonya!" She screamed, as she came to rest on the soaking ground near the river.

Suddenly, she felt a warm hand holding on to her arm. It was still storming. The only relief Star got from the rain and whaling wind was from the Angel wings covering her. "Thank you" Star said, hugging Sonya.

"You were very brave Star. Your love gave you strength to make it back to the village to warn your family and friends of the danger headed their way."

Then it got very quit. The monster storm was gone.

Star begin to cry....."I didn't make it in time. "she said ,overcome with grief.

Then she heard voice coming from the mountainside. It  was the villagers.

"My daughter you are safe!" She heard two familiar voices holler at the same time.

"Mother! Father! I thought, I had lost the both of you!"

Star was expecting Sonya to show herself but she had disappeared. Right then nothing mattered except  her family and the villagers were safe. The storm had destroyed all the teepees. but the caves would provide the needed warmth and shelter , until the rainy season ended.

Star turning toward the river, dropped everything and started running toward her canoe which was floating in the river close to shore, filled with beautiful and red berries.

Shine had kept his word. But. How did he know about the secret place, Star asked herself, grabbing the flowers and berries from the canoe and hurrying back to were her parents were standing, Star filled her mother's arms with the prettiest flowers and sweetest berries she had ever given to her.

Talking and laughing the three of them joined the rest of the villagers in the caves. And....From that day on, Star was called "Brave Star."





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