American Sons and Daughters

We remember those who made us free
Those who have kept us our liberty
Those who sacrificed and died for every
Americans' right to live and die free.

We remember America's sons and
daughters who put their lives and homes
on hold, and their families who paid the
price for the liberty every American has

We remember at the crack of dawn
as we set safely in our homes
those who's blood was shed for us
that we might have peace and freedom
to call our own.

We remember when we are safe in our
beds at night, those who fight and those
in eternal sleep..... who put their own lives
second to all others that freedom be ours
to keep.

We remember it was not us, individual
Americans who have never had to
live and sleep in a mixture of another's
[or our own] blood, tears, and pray for the
strength to live and fight another day -
who throughout American History
stood for- fought for, and gave their lives for
liberty on the killing fields of war.

Americans may forget their names and their
faces over time but Americans will never forget
what they did [and continue to do] to keep
America free....that all generations, for all times,
might taste freedom from the Liberty Tree
that has been nourished by the blood, sweat,
and tears of the American soldier.

Thank you- American Soldier-from the bottom
of this American's heart.

by Heartsong



 patriotic poetry