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Springleaf history

Company description and key facts

Founded in Evansville, Indiana in 1920, Springleaf Financial Services provides loans and other credit related products to more than half a million families in 26 states. We provide bill consolidation loans, personal loans, home improvement loans, loans for unexpected expenses and vacations. For 90+ years, Springleaf Financial Services has provided the personal lending products our customers need and when they need it.

Through our Personal Loan Referral Program, Springleaf Financial Services offers direct loans, driven by exceptional customer service, to applicants referred to us by a wide variety of businesses, both local and national. The program also provides a personal loan alternative to applicants referred to us by banks and credit unions.

2013 - Springleaf Holdings, Inc. completed its IPO and was listed on the NYSE under the symbol "LEAF"
2011 - Changed name to Springleaf Financial Services
2010 - Indirectly acquired by certain Fortress Investment Group managed funds
2009 - Completed Headquarters expansion building
2008 - Acquired over 126,000 Equity One customer accounts
2007 - Acquired Ocean Finance and Mortgages Ltd. (OFML), representing the
Company's debut into the international marketplace
2007 - Broke ground on Headquarters expansion building
2006 - Announced second major expansion of Headquarters building
2005 - Assets reach $25 billion
2001 - American General Corporation acquired by American International Group
1994 - Retail division is relocated to a newly constructed building on eastside
1990 - Private label retail program launched
1990 - Corporate name changed to American General Finance, Inc.
1988 - American General Finance branch operating name is used for the first time
1988 - Acquisition of Manufacturers Hanover Consumer Services, which expands
the company to more than 1,400 branch offices in 40 states, Puerto Rico
and the Virgin Islands
1983 - Major expansion of our headquarters building is announced
1983 - Acquisition of General Finance with 350 branches in 16 states
1982 - CrediThrift is acquired by American General Corporation
1979 - Receivables reach $1 billion
1972 - Opening of our 500th branch
1969 - Common stock is listed on New York Stock Exchange
1966 - Corporate name is changed to CrediThrift Financial Incorporated
1963 - First use of new operating names for our branch offices, CrediThrift of
America and CreditWay of America
1963 - Announcement of the construction of a new headquarters building in
1960 - Company stock is listed on the Over-The-Counter Market
1957 - Reached the milestone of opening our 100th branch
1943 - Acquisition of Evansville Morris Plan, which specializes in larger loans
1934 - Company expands across state line by opening branches in Owensboro
and Henderson, Kentucky
1930 - First branch office opened in Washington, Ind.
1929 - Interstate Agency formed to write credit-related insurance
1928 - Interstate granted a state license for making small loans
1920 - Interstate Finance Corporation founded in Evansville, Indiana, to
underwrite sales of Inland Motor Truck vehicles