A Stranger




For many years I have journeyed through life
And still I travel on.

Years that were filled with happiness and strife
All that was then is now gone.

I am but a stranger in a world that seeks to rob
me of my soul.

All that appears to be is not.....beneath the shine
layers of broken heart.

Let me not lose sight of the light that shine for me
so long ago.

Let me not blindly terry in places that turn a man's
heart to stone, and robs life of its glow.

Let me not forget that friends are first strangers
before friendship and  trust can grow.

Lord, bend, break, and mold me
Then firmly plant my feet on the path that you
 would have me go.

Lord, take not from me, my heart's ability to care
beyond my reach.
                                                -Jan Tetstone

2:04pm April 14, 2016   picture taken April 14, 2016