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Heartsong's  Thoughts

All our lives we seek to find the end of the Rainbow . . . and occasionally we get close enough to finding it... that we feel the wonderful warmth from the rainbow's pot of gold.

Like the stars we wish on as they fall toward earth... it is those things we seek to find that give our life its worth.

How many a three leaf clover has been sacrificed ... in the name of luck?

Our dreams sometimes are the only things in life that comfort our soul.

There is much to see beyond life's' every day scene.

When things are stormy and life feeds on your spirit... reach down into the deepest part and raise the shield of faith that faithfully awaits you in your heart.

The power to overcome the  wickedness the world sends your way abides in you night and day.

No one can destroy your spirit unless the destroyer is yourself.

Life will always hold mysteries that none but the heart can know.

If in your life you carry God in life, heart and mind...you have found the pot of gold at the end of life's rainbow.

May peace touch you in the day and love touch you with its heart.    [written 11:15am, September 24, 2012]

Not yesterday or tomorrow can touch me, as long as I live in the moment.

I am not perfect---imperfection is the price we pay for being born.

Peace must enter the world through caring hearts.

The harder something hurts-the longer remembered the lesson learnt. [written 8:27pm September 26, 2012]




The day God has set you in.

Love and be happy for none are promised a tomorrow.

It is not the pain of yesterday one should remember. . .It is the joy! Both walk with us.

Each heart has a voice of its own.

Never let another's short comings weaken your ability to succeed. There will always be some who will hinder the paths another walks. [written 7:49 am  September 27, 2012]

In life, we may not choose all the roads we will travel but we choose how high the bumps.

God is my rock when I need to be strong; my pillow when I need to rest my weary soul. . . and my friend when all others turn their backs  on me.

Love is the key to eternal peace.

Falling down is easy . . . It's getting back up that's sometimes the hardest.

When things are looking there worst, clutch tighter to your shield of faith.

Love, when your heart is breaking.

Sometimes, happiness is formed through another's tears. 

A good cry is good for the soul.

We always feel better after the last tear is dried.

Smile! God loves you---and so do I.

The best way to brighten the day is to look for things that

 make you smile.... These are a couple of things I thought

might bring some smiles:

   May your day be filled with sunshine and your night peaceful sleep.

Life is not always gonna be an easy road to travel - I know of no one who hasn't stumbled at least once....

Keep your heart focused on the Rainbow that awaits at the end of life's storm.

Faith in itself is a powerful thing... It allows us to walk closer to God and empowers us to overcome the evil in the world.

Walk in the Light that lay always before you.

The heart never tires of loving.....

The ability to care we are born with; then we struggle through life trying to grasp some understanding of how some can lose their ability to care for others.

Never look for the bad before you look for the good, in others.



Strive to be the best that you can be- setting examples for those who follow.

The best part of your life is you.

   Have a HAPPY day!!!!!!!


When the day is done, be done with it. . . Tomorrow will bring enough worry in itself.

When you know in your heart you have done the best you knew how to do, to correct a bad situation, leave it to God.

Never look for bad-it will find you soon enough.

A minute spent thinking negative things is a minute wasted.

Beauty can be found every where~ even a rose has thorns.

This day was given to you ~what you do with it is up to you.

Take time to count your blessings and hug the ones you love.  

If  you need someone to hug -and no one is around-I'm here!


We are all strangers passing through
Let us in passing set the best of examples
for those who follow us.

We each make a difference in the world, just by being in it.


There will always be someone worst off  than you. . .

Look for the worst and Hope for the best. It's always better to be prepared for the worst and have things turn out good... then to look for the best in a situation and have things turn out bad.

Spread some sunshine today- Smile!

Never wait on others-if you want something done - do it yourself.

I am one of those people who wants everything done yesterday.....

Living alone is not so bad once you have learned to get along with yourself.

We each choose the paths we travel in life .... we create our own little world

We are either satisfid with it or we change it.

Some people could have everything one could ever ask for-and still ask for more......

Any day is a good day to stop and smell the flowers.

It's more fun to get high off of life....


Tell someone you love them today! Those three little words are very important to say, and hear, every day....... God loves you and so do I.

Let this day bring what it will~ my faith will stand.

Yesterday's tears belong to yesterday.....

Follow your heart in all things and love will always make a way.

I am not a perfect person, therefore, not everything I do in life will be done to perfection.

May the sun shine in your day and love reign in your heart. . .

Miracles happen everyday- Faith works miracles.

Believe with your heart. Miracles are not done by faith alone.

May God work miracles ~ for all in need of one-this day.

There is always room in the day for another smile.

One can never have enough sunshine in their life -----

Often the smallest gift is better than the biggest gift.....

Never look for anything but good in the day ......

Never miss a chance to put a smile on someone's face..... Smiles are catching..... Give a smile to someone today....

I have a love for flowers but have a hard time getting some flowers to bloom so I decided to go flower shopping on the web. Look what I found!!!! There is nothing as special as the person who receives flowers. These flowers  are for you.

The day is never long enough and the night is always much to short.....

The sun may hide behind a cloud
butsthe sun will shine again.

There is no room in faith for doubt......


Live in the day-don't waste the day thinking about tomorrow.....

Love is the life's blood of life......

Everything beautiful makes me smile but sometimes somethings not so beautiful can get a laugh or two from me....

Be who you are-That's the only way anyone can get to know the real you.....

There is beauty to be found in the smallest of things -I find beauty in drops of rain quenching the thirst  of everything.

Smile !Someone loves you sight unseen!

Rain or shine ~take time out of the day for yourself............

The lady in pink has a mug of lemonade........

Never say I can't ~ say I will try.....

     I know not what today will bring....

Let it bring what it  will - I will raise high my faith's sweet shield....

Love  is the gift one gives from the heart

Love cannot be taken away!

Love can only be given......

If peace can be found in the day...Peace can be found in tomorrow.

 What good is peace at the expense of another's sorrow.

May we all find peace in our day.


Do not laugh
I never used this before
Can' you tell!

Thank you for reading my site - please, Come Again!

Keep Faith in all that you do..
Nothing is lost if we seal its memory in our heart.



I'm here night or day!