"Life stands still for no one
We were born to die the moment we were born." jt


Nothing stays the same
Life changes things and people so fast
We often forget that nothing in this world
is made to last....
babies grow up and away
flowers bloom and fade
All we called ours yesterday
we may not find in our today. jt
12:09 am June 29, 2018

When times are hardest is when ones faith
is tested beyond measure......Let not your
shield of faith down.......know always in your
heart that God's angels are always around. jt
11:52 am June 29, 2018

There's a sadness in my heart today
that lays heavy on my heart...
God blessed me time and time again
every time He placed an earthly angel
in my care and gave each a share of my heart..
Little did I know back then that as much
as I loved each of those precious angels
with my heart..... time had already divided them
and with time they would all drift apart.
What's it like being a mother?
For me anyway:
Is knowing no  matter how far my angel's
drift apart each will have a share of the love
in their mother's heart.      jt 10:49am June 29, 2018

Time is now flying by at top speed
This world is not what it was thought to be
Not the way it was taught to me.....
The shield is now passed away
With inner-eyes all things I see.............
God, give me the strength and courage Ill need
to swim the now roaring sea.
Desert me not in my time of need
As long as I live in this world. that's not my home,
Let love lead me through life's raging sea.-jt
11:11am June 27, 2018

The sky is cloudy and gray.....
not one sun beam fills the day.
And I set looking out my door
at drops of rain falling from
the front porch roof, wishing
the rain would stay away. jt
3:49pm June 11, 2018

Everything is unfolding according to God's great plan
There are lessons in the worst of things,even those
things that breaks hearts and tears families apart
that I may never understand.

I can change nothing but those things in my realm of
By my presences in this world I'm living in, I touch
all those around me, for better or worse...
in some degree.

Everything is unfolding the way it's suppose too.
Worry changes nothing- Faith in God has the power,through
prayer, to change every life, and peace to all bring.

What would I change In God's Plan- not one thing.

-Jan Tetstone
6:10p.m. May 22, 2018

A Sad Thought

A sad thought crossed my mind today:
What if there were no more poets to
string words from their hearts into
beautiful poetry?

I shutter to think how empty of meaning
written words would be ...if there were
no more poets sharing bits and pieces of
their lives and hearts through poetry.

Where would I find the heart felt words
that in my time of need I have found in a
poet's poem that brought comfort and peace
to me?

Dear Poet and Poetess, through your
beautiful poetry you touch hearts, and give me
and all who read your poetry, a glance at how
much better or worse our own lives could be.

-Jan Tetstone
7:28p.m. May 22, 2018

Sight Unseen

Dear Lord, Long ago, you reached out your hands to me.
I'm so thankful for that day-knowing things would have
been so different that day if I had pushed your hands away.

Since that day so long ago I have carried my Shield of
Faith with me, knowing as long as I carried it high, and
always in front of me, I'd be safe.

How do I tell of your tender mercy and your love that many
times you poured out on me in my time of need?

How, Lord, is it possible for you to show me so much love
and understanding, and engulf a world of believers at the
same time for all of us to feel your love individually?

Dear Lord and Savior, I question not your existence in my life.
I know not what the next moment will bring.....
I know your power far exceeds man's ability your knowledge
to conceive.

You can be everywhere and anywhere, because you are a loving
God- and mercy and love you have an abundance of for all who
believe in you, sight unseen.
-Jan Tetstone
12:44p.m. May 21, 2018

In The Hearts of Men

Worry not where God lives
He lives in the hearts of men.

God is everywhere there is
a caring heart-to lift man
up again.

God lives in the darkest rooms
where the faithful rest their
tired and weary bones.

God lives in and through the
hearts of men who endue hard
times and journey on.

God is always where He's suppose
to be.

For the believer God is everywhere
there is love and a voice for peace.
-Jan Tetstone
8:40p.m. May 20, 2018

A Little Time Alone

Sometimes I just need a little me time
to help me understand the things
that lay heavy on my heart and mind.
I don't cry in front of people...
It's hard for me to show weakness
since I've pretended to be strong ,for
others, for so long.

When I'm alone, I can cry on my angel's
shoulder, and no mortal eyes can see
my tears but me.

When I'm alone, I find a sense of peace
knowing that my friend Jesus has his hands
on me.

I know I'm a sinner forgiven- and I know
that Jesus Christ is my strength...and He
understands I need the time, from time to
time, to renew my sense of peace.

When I'm alone, I know if I need a shoulder
to cry on- Jesus ,who knows my heart better
than anyone, will be there for me.

Jesus is my personal Savior.
When the worldly tears at my Shield of faith,
and I feel like I've got to get away or my
heart will break, I know if I can just spend
some time alone with my angel, He'll give me
the strength to make it another day.
-Jan Tetstone
6:32p.m. May 20, 2018

To the Heart Writer

When one writes of their life
from their heart....
One can feel each heartbeat
in the read.

It takes a special person to
endue hell on earth and still
reach out to others in need.

To the heart-writer, let me

Heart writing is a gift that
keeps on giving.....
anyone can write lines that
rhyme ----
But heart writers put bits and
piece of their life into every line.

Thank you for your heart filled
Thank you for the wisdom of
the years you share with the
world and me.

-Jan Tetstone
9:24a.m. May 17, 2018


Those who seek to find happiness
often times find things worldly
are only temporary...

Seek not things that tarnish and
decay with time.

Seek love with your heart
Seek God's guidance with your
heart and mind.

Worry not about what goes on
between God and others
Ones relationship with Jesus Christ
is a personal choice.....

Don't berate what you have no way
of understanding.

Life is a journey that nurtures the
spirit that determines in the end
if we are unworthy or fit of eternal

When love and God live inside you
and everything you do...happiness
and peace come together again.

None are perfect -all have sinned.

-Jan Tetstone
8:17 a.m. May 17, 2018

Some Loves

Dear Love, I have put off much to long
writing this letter to you.
Not because you never crossed my mind
but because the words were so hard for
me to find.

Knowing our love was everything
I always thought love should be, and
accepting there are just some loves
that were never meant to be.

Let me end by saying, my love for you
was real from the start, I loved you then
and I love you now, with all my heart.

Do you ever think of me?

-Jan Tetstone
7:44 p.m. May 16, 2018

Rest Sweet Souls

Life and death
The beginning and the end
Life being born
death being born again.
Faith is the key to the
door to heaven.....neither
in being born or dying
is there a remembrance
of what has been...
Rest, sweet souls, in God's
loving hands, next to my
love that rests with you.
-Jan Tetstone
6:44p.m. May 16, 2018

No Place to Go

There is no place one can go
to hide from oneself.
In the darkness of ones mind
scattered lay ...
One's hope and untold dreams
of happier and better days.

There is no place one can go
that their inner self won't go.
It's better to fight ones fears
head-on-than to try to win
against things only real in
ones mind.......wars are not
won in one day..

Wars are won one battle
at a time.
There's no place to hide
When emotional battles
are taking place inside.

-Jan Tetstone
11:31a.m. May 16, 2018

Not Always

Not always will the birds sing
to awaken me from my sleep.
Not always will those I love
know how much they mean
to me.

Not always will a day pass
without tears, heartache
and a longing for peace.
But, all things that fill a day
are things that are meant to be.

Not always will my day bring
what I want but, always,
God is watching over me
and makes sure I have
what I need.

-Jan Tetstone
11:11a.m. May 16, 2018

The Search
One searches their whole life through
for what they call 'a dream'
Could it not be a dream all we call real?
Is it the day we have awakened to or
are all that we now touch just part of
a nighttime dream.
-Jan Tetstone
10:50a.m. May 16, 2018

Loving Mothers
Loving mothers, whether in heaven
or here on earth, watch over their
children day and night.

They cuddle them with untiring arms
when they need to be loved, comforted
and held tight.

When loving mothers cannot touch their
children here on earth with their hands,
They cuddle them with their love in their
dreams at night.

Loving mothers are put on earth to
be the first teachers of men.

While life might, from time to time,
cause their children to stay,
Loving mothers never loose faith that
their children in God's loving hands
will always be safe.

Loving mothers, whether in heaven
or here on earth, watch over their
children day and night.

They cuddle them with untiring arms
when they need to be loved, comforted
and held tight.

When they cannot touch their children
here on earth, they wrap their wings around
their children, and cuddle them with their love
- in their dreams at night.
-Jan Tetstone

3:25p.m. May 13, 2018

Beauty and Peace
Setting here listening to the birds sing
my eyes taking in the beauty of Spring
The warmth of peace flows a gentle
breeze around and inside me.

And for now my world is filled with a
beauty and peace...that only a few take
the time to feel and see.

Take time to feel the beauty mingled
with peace.
For not always in this world will those
moments be.....when the ugly is shut out
and you'll surround by beauty and peace.

Take time to be one with beauty and peace.
-Jan Tetstone
7:56 p.m. May 8, 2018

For A Little While
I called one of God's angels
'my child' for a little while.
Until God called in His loan and took
His angel home.

While I miss my child and always will
I no she's where all angels long to be
standing in the light of Jesus, with
angel wings as white as snow and a
loving spirit set free.

While a part of me longs always
to hold her close to my heart, to have
her here with me, a part of me thanks
God for the angel I called 'my child'
for a little while.
-Jan Tetstone
7:22p.m. May 8, 2018

Remembering An Angel
At this time every year
I think of the time
I spent with you
Before the angel delivered
your wings, and collected
God's loan.

In remembering days spent
with you in days gone by
My heart grows heavy
with sadness, and I want
to cry.

Then I remember to be thankful
for the precious time you called
me 'Mema' and I called you

Remembering helps be not to cry.

-Jan Tetstone
6:49 p.m. May 4, 2018

Missed Poets

Where are you dear poet
the one who words touched
my heart from time to time.

I know not what silenced you
or made you feel your time
wasted writing verse
and rhyme for others' eyes
to take in.

Wherever life has taken you
I want to thank you for sharing
your heart with me -and I wish
wholeheartedly- that you would
consider sharing your heart through
your poetry again.

By Heartsong

Things Only A Mother Knows
Only a mother knows the feel of tiny feet
moving beneath her heart waking her from
her sleep.

Only a mother knows the feel of two hearts
beating as one before a child is born.

Only a mother knows the pain of bringing
a child into the world from her womb.

Only a mother knows the feel of having to part
with a child that once slept beneath her heart.
-Jan Tetstone
5:06 p.m. May 2, 2018

Our Lives Touched

I was lost ,unsure if I 'd make it through
life alone, when our lives touched in
passing and for the shortest time
you gave your heart to me and I
gave my heart to you.

You lit up my world and took my loneliness
away and it broke my heart to have to
realize in each others world what we shared
in passing, in the real world could never be.

We were only real in each others dreams
and in passing I shared my dream with you
and you shared your dream with me.

-Jan Tetstone
11:43 a.m. May 2, 2018

Every life is special, and plays
a role in God's great plan.
Friend, Stranger, or foe, judge not
For only God knows their purpose
and their heart.

'Angels walk among men' has been
said time and time again.
Who among us has entertained angels
unaware... ? who among us has judged
angels as mortal men....?

It's better not to judge than it is to judge

The love in one's heart shows in how they
choose to treat others.

The memories one carries in their heart
is poetry waiting for voice.

None but you control your choices.

-Jan Tetstone
10:25 a.m. May 2, 2018

Jesus' Light of Peace
I once wrote of life and the un fulfilled dreams
that awaited me
and of the bright and shiny light of Jesus
filling all with peace.
Little did I know back then that tears and
heartache awaited me that would many
times over shatter my dreams and take away
my peace.

It didn't take long for me to realize I'd been
looking at things through mortal eyes
and drifted through the years from Jesus' bright

As my inner eyes open wide, I saw the blessings
in my life that were mingled with the tears and strife.

Now, instead of just looking through my outer eyes
I let my inner eyes guide me to Jesus' light that
fills me with inner peace day or night.

Dreams come true when Jesus' light is allowed to shine
through you. Love and Peace

-Jan Tetstone
9:32 a.m. May 2, 2018

In The Dark Times
When things in my life
get out of control
and I can't handle things
on my own ...... I turn
things over to my friend
who has never left me
to bear my burdens alone.

My friend's name is Jesus
He and I became friends
long, long ago.....
When in one of my darkest
hours I was touched by
his beautiful glow.

When things in my life
seem more than I can bear
I may stumble in the dark
But Jesus will hear my plea
and once more give me
the strength I need
to control my destiny.
-Jan Tetstone
5:22 p.m. April 30, 2018

Hearts Joined Together
Loved ones may part but not their hearts
Love wasn't meant to work that way
what love was yesterday- love will be
today and always.

Love bonds hearts together and builds
unseen bridges that keeps hearts
joined together, when loved ones have
to part.

Be thankful for the love that's in your
heart today ...
Loved one may be called away but
the love you shared never fades.
-Jan Tetstone
9:44 a.m. April 30, 2018

Heart Writers
A heart- writer doesn't write for self gain
A heart writer doesn't write for riches or

Heart writers are content knowing in some
way their thoughts passed on to others
may have made a difference in someone's

Brought a smile to an unhappy face
comforted a broken heart
made someone realize their own value
And the many other ways words of
love and encouragement can benefit
the life of another.

To a heart writer, like me, selling my poetry
would be like selling my soul to the highest

It's not words a lone that make a poem
remember-able....It's the heart of its writer.

-Jan Tetstone
7:48 p.m. April 29, 2018

All Are Born to Reap
All are born to live and die
To laugh in good times and
During bad times cry.

To sow seeds of love from
a pure heart ... to live and
learn before we die.

Oh hearts life has betrayed,
weep not for innocence gone
By the blood of Jesus we the
sinner can be saved.

All are born to reap what they
sow-- to seek, to find-to lose,
To be the receiver and to be
the giver of good and bad things.

Let not yesterday's tears linger
Let yesterdays rest in peace
Live and love in the day
Always letting love lead.
-Jan Tetstone
6:30 p.m. April 29, 2018

Remembering You
I remember well the day that you were born
and placed in my arms.

I remember well the love in you that always
showed through, in everything you chose to do.

I remember the times we shared the good the bad
the happy-the sad; the times life pulled us together
only to break us apart.

I remember loving you sight unseen- when you
lay safely beneath my heart.

I remember your face and how it changed from year
to year.

I remember when God called in his loan and I had
to let you go to your heavenly home.

I remember so many things about you my child now
that you are gone.

I remember your faith in God, and the angels that
watched over you.

I remember how our love for each other - always did and
always will keep us together.

I love you just as much today ,as I did when beneath my
heart you did once lay. Happy Birthday to an Angel
Heaven took away.
-Jan Tetstone
10:49 a.m. April 29, 2018

Love Heals
Love is not jealous or unkind
Love does not doubt the love
it finds.

Love sees through the heart
and hears with the heart
and grows stronger with time.

Love does not hurt ...
Love mends hearts that's been
broken ...
So broken hearts can heal
and love again.
-Jan Tetstone
10:00 a.m. April 29, 2018

When God Called You Home
When God called you home
my world turned upside-down
because in my world
you were no longer around.

My tears, and my longing
to hold you close once more
were in vain- I knew in my
heart,in this life, I'd never
get another chance to hold you
close to my heart again.

Time has not caused the memories
of you in my world to fade....
I miss you a little more with
each passing day. -Jan Tetstone
10:55AM April 23, 2018

Meant To Be
We give each others' life meaning
but from time to time
We break each others' heart
and torment each others' mind.

I think we could make it
together-you told me you
did too.
Things go wrong we make each other
cry and feel so lonesome and blue.

Is our love meant to be
We do not know
But at least for a short time
We will be each other's
heart and fill each others' life's glow.
-Jan Tetstone

I lost children to heaven
which I can live with
knowing they returned
to a place they had
already been.
As angels now they watch
over me, and from time
to time share with me
memories that warm
my heart with love
and give me inner peace.

I lost children to the world
and still every day my heart
grieves. jt
9:26am Jan 31, 2018

The sounds of the morning
brought my attention to
the things of the day. jt

Time is on no ones side
Man can make clocks
that ticks away quietly
or clocks that chime
but as hard as man tries
he can't build a clock
that stops or holds back
time. jt

9:01am January 31, 2018

Memories are moments suspended in time
The memories of you never fade never
bring me sorrow never hurt me in any

In the memories of you I find happiness
and peace of mind.....
Knowing each memory contain shared
love between me and a child of mine.

Rest in peace I love you always. jt
7:57PM Jan 19, 2018

In My Time of Need

God, life has taken me down
some rough roads
some I would wish on none
but you know that, because
those were the times your angels
helped me carry the loads.

From the time I was knee high
I believed in you and your
kingdom in the sky...
Nothing scared me because as
little as I was my trust was in you
and in my heart I just knew that
there was nothing that you
couldn't do.

Throughout my life in troubling time
I never once failed to turn to you
many times I wondered what you saw
in me and how you could keep on
finding it in your heart to help me

You knew me before I was born and
placed into my mother's arms.
You knew the tests my soul would face
You knew the heartache my heart
would endure....along life's highway
You knew me better than I knew myself
you knew my weaknesses too. Still you
loved me enough to send your angels to
help me through.

The greatest lesson you taught me was
the one I already knew as long as I
in love and faith, trust in you and do
the best I can do you will never fail
to send your angels ,in my time of need,
to help me through.
I love you.
                   - Jan Tetstone
11:18pm January 13, 2018

It's hard to write what's in my heart
when the feelings are there but the
words won't come. jt

Time Slips Away

Setting here thinking about
the events of the day....
Watching my daughter as
she watched her son at play
Its hard to believe
how fast time slips away.

It seems like only yesterday
I was outside hoeing weeds
from the flowers while my
little ones were at play.

Never once did it cross
my mind that in future time
there'd be no flowers to weed
and the little ones would grow
up and away.

It never crossed my mind
that in future time
there'd be children of my womb
breaking my heart and making
me cry never telling me why.

It's hard accepting that
one's child can grow up to take
the joy they put in your life

I thank God everyday for the time
I get to share with the children
of my womb who continue to love me
and share their joys with me on
my darkest days.- jt
8:27pm Jan 9, 2018

Do you know that
I am human too...
That things in life
hurt me-just like
they hurt you.
That my life has not
been perfect that
I've made mistakes
like humans do.

Do you know my
heart has been broken
and I've cried over things
I can't change - because
those things hurt you.

One can't change who
they are to satisfy another
Least one lose sight
of who they are inside......
and exist while others live.

Be, always, who you are
If being you is not good
enough- to change for...
trying to be someone you're not
will surly break yours or another's
12:18pm Jan 4, 2018

With a heart full of love
and a life filled with
memories.....I wonder if
it were possible for others
to see in side of me
If they would see the real me
or still continue to see only
what they want to see.
12:01pm Jan 4, 2018

Remembering things gone
is like tasting bits and pieces
of life knowing the end before
the thoughts begin.
Knowing where the laughter and
joys wait, and knowing where
lay the heartache
-in ones yesterdays.
11:53 am Jan 4, 2018

I often wonder why
the tears fall when
the sun is shinning,
after the night has
Why people search
their whole life through
for answers they never
Why the empty feeling
when life is so full?
Why I seek more
when I've had more than
my share?
What it is that sets me apart
and put this fullness and
emptiness always in my
6:14am Jan 4, 2018

The morning's silence
is deafening to my ears
as I set alone waiting
for morning
to awaken so I can
glance  once more at
the waking of a new day.
6:00am Jan 4, 2018

Not everyday do I write
what's in my heart.
Some days end
and I realize...
not a word or
tear from my eyes
made their way
beyond my heart.
5:53am Jan 4, 2018

The lives we touch
with our own
drink from our
cup of wisdom.
Be the cup empty
be the cup filled
to the brim.....
Wise is he who
fills his own cup
with lessons learnt
from his living.
Wisdom wears
many shades
of gray.
2:01pm Jan 2, 2018

I survived the cold of the night
wrapped in thoughts of you.....
and all the times you never fail
in my time of need, to help me
Let your light guide me as I
journey on to where you would
have me be.
Give courage to the weak and
fill the lives and hearts of all in
11:43am Jan 2, 2018

Thank you God for the moments
you give me to live one moment
at a time.
Thank you for the warmth I feel
wrapped inside your love.....
Thank you for the angels who
watch over me..... thank you God
for my friend Jesus who walks
and talks with me.
11:14pm Jan 1, 2018

Another year has come and gone
leaving nothing but memories
that will from time to time touch
my moments to remind me that
yesteryears well spent are among
the years that brought the tears.
What did I learn in the year past:
Give thanks for the things that
still process the power to bring
out the good in my life, when
life takes a turn that turns my
world upside down.
I have lived my life moment
by moments as the years
have faded away taking worldly
things from me and putting
them back into the world.
What I have loved is not things
of the world but those who
have touched my heart.
Love does not fade with
the passing years.....Inside
my heart it grows brighter
and stronger with time.
It's a new year to live life
one moment at a time
with no regrets for loving
those who have yet to realizes
A mother's love never dies.
10:59pm Jan 1, 2018