"Life stands still for no one
We were born to die the moment we were born." jt

I lost children to heaven
which I can live with
knowing they returned
to a place they had
already been.
As angels now they watch
over me, and from time
to time share with me
memories that warm
my heart with love
and give me inner peace.

I lost children to the world
and still every day my heart
grieves. jt
9:26am Jan 31, 2018

The sounds of the morning
brought my attention to
the things of the day. jt

Time is on no ones side
Man can make clocks
that ticks away quietly
or clocks that chime
but as hard as man tries
he can't build a clock
that stops or holds back
time. jt

9:01am January 31, 2018

Memories are moments suspended in time
The memories of you never fade never
bring me sorrow never hurt me in any

In the memories of you I find happiness
and peace of mind.....
Knowing each memory contain shared
love between me and a child of mine.

Rest in peace I love you always. jt
7:57PM Jan 19, 2018


In My Time of Need

God, life has taken me down
some rough roads
some I would wish on none
but you know that, because
those were the times your angels
helped me carry the loads.

From the time I was knee high
I believed in you and your
kingdom in the sky...
Nothing scared me because as
little as I was my trust was in you
and in my heart I just knew that
there was nothing that you
couldn't do.

Throughout my life in troubling time
I never once failed to turn to you
many times I wondered what you saw
in me and how you could keep on
finding it in your heart to help me

You knew me before I was born and
placed into my mother's arms.
You knew the tests my soul would face
You knew the heartache my heart
would endure....along life's highway
You knew me better than I knew myself
you knew my weaknesses too. Still you
loved me enough to send your angels to
help me through.

The greatest lesson you taught me was
the one I already knew as long as I
in love and faith, trust in you and do
the best I can do you will never fail
to send your angels ,in my time of need,
to help me through.
I love you.
                   - Jan Tetstone
11:18pm January 13, 2018

It's hard to write what's in my heart
when the feelings are there but the
words won't come. jt

Time Slips Away

Setting here thinking about
the events of the day....
Watching my daughter as
she watched her son at play
Its hard to believe
how fast time slips away.

It seems like only yesterday
I was outside hoeing weeds
from the flowers while my
little ones were at play.

Never once did it cross
my mind that in future time
there'd be no flowers to weed
and the little ones would grow
up and away.

It never crossed my mind
that in future time
there'd be children of my womb
breaking my heart and making
me cry never telling me why.

It's hard accepting that
one's child can grow up to take
the joy they put in your life

I thank God everyday for the time
I get to share with the children
of my womb who continue to love me
and share their joys with me on
my darkest days.- jt
8:27pm Jan 9, 2018

Do you know that
I am human too...
That things in life
hurt me-just like
they hurt you.
That my life has not
been perfect that
I've made mistakes
like humans do.

Do you know my
heart has been broken
and I've cried over things
I can't change - because
those things hurt you.

One can't change who
they are to satisfy another
Least one lose sight
of who they are inside......
and exist while others live.

Be, always, who you are
If being you is not good
enough- to change for...
trying to be someone you're not
will surly break yours or another's
12:18pm Jan 4, 2018

With a heart full of love
and a life filled with
memories.....I wonder if
it were possible for others
to see in side of me
If they would see the real me
or still continue to see only
what they want to see.
12:01pm Jan 4, 2018

Remembering things gone
is like tasting bits and pieces
of life knowing the end before
the thoughts begin.
Knowing where the laughter and
joys wait, and knowing where
lay the heartache
-in ones yesterdays.
11:53 am Jan 4, 2018

I often wonder why
the tears fall when
the sun is shinning,
after the night has
Why people search
their whole life through
for answers they never
Why the empty feeling
when life is so full?
Why I seek more
when I've had more than
my share?
What it is that sets me apart
and put this fullness and
emptiness always in my
6:14am Jan 4, 2018

The morning's silence
is deafening to my ears
as I set alone waiting
for morning
to awaken so I can
glance  once more at
the waking of a new day.
6:00am Jan 4, 2018

Not everyday do I write
what's in my heart.
Some days end
and I realize...
not a word or
tear from my eyes
made their way
beyond my heart.
5:53am Jan 4, 2018

The lives we touch
with our own
drink from our
cup of wisdom.
Be the cup empty
be the cup filled
to the brim.....
Wise is he who
fills his own cup
with lessons learnt
from his living.
Wisdom wears
many shades
of gray.
2:01pm Jan 2, 2018

I survived the cold of the night
wrapped in thoughts of you.....
and all the times you never fail
in my time of need, to help me
Let your light guide me as I
journey on to where you would
have me be.
Give courage to the weak and
fill the lives and hearts of all in
11:43am Jan 2, 2018

Thank you God for the moments
you give me to live one moment
at a time.
Thank you for the warmth I feel
wrapped inside your love.....
Thank you for the angels who
watch over me..... thank you God
for my friend Jesus who walks
and talks with me.
11:14pm Jan 1, 2018

Another year has come and gone
leaving nothing but memories
that will from time to time touch
my moments to remind me that
yesteryears well spent are among
the years that brought the tears.
What did I learn in the year past:
Give thanks for the things that
still process the power to bring
out the good in my life, when
life takes a turn that turns my
world upside down.
I have lived my life moment
by moments as the years
have faded away taking worldly
things from me and putting
them back into the world.
What I have loved is not things
of the world but those who
have touched my heart.
Love does not fade with
the passing years.....Inside
my heart it grows brighter
and stronger with time.
It's a new year to live life
one moment at a time
with no regrets for loving
those who have yet to realizes
A mother's love never dies.
10:59pm Jan 1, 2018