4th JULY 2015







When the red, white and blue
no longer waves true...

When Americans are divided
by hate and blood over
powers principles...

When America's offspring are
not taught the American history
that makes them who they are:

When Liberty's Lamp grows dim

When freedom of speech is hindered

When freedom to defend the right
is taken away......

When men work and face poverty
 every day....

When the protector becomes
the oppressor....

When the leaders dance to greed's tune

When the few rule the many without
 restraint .....

When the healers become the killers..

When scientists rape the sky and seas...

When these things happen and are
allowed to stand......

Wake-up America you are no longer free.

The heart of America is bleeding

Like it bled the first time
American  blood was drawn
for Independence and liberty.

Remember on this 4th of July
Being American means more than 'me-me-me.'

                                                               -Jan Tetstone


July 3, 2015