The Spirit Within Poetry

Love lives here!


The Spirit of Christmas
is passed on
from heart to heart.
A giving spirit
A caring spirit
A forgiving spirit
A loving spirit
All wrapped up in one
that filled the earth
The day Jesus Christ
was born.

12:53am December 25, 2015

by Jan Tetstone

It's Christmas Eve and my cup is full
and running over with gifts of love...
Love, safe inside of me.......
in the sweetest memories.

Love that lights up my world, every day
from near, far-and even, beyond my reach.
This is a wonderful Christmas Eve
because of the love that's been give to me.

May the love my heart has given to you
add to the glow in your day- Remember-
When love is given from the heart it can
never be taken away.

[Written Christmas Eve 2015]

When thoughts become reality
that others can feel and see
Poetry has taken form
And another heart writer is
born. jt

Sometimes the load I carry
in this life.......
weighs my heart down and
I do not understand why
Why is love not enough
why must I pretend
to be weak
to make others feel stronger...
Why must I be who I am not
to make others happy?
I played pretend much to long
and almost lost sight of me.
Now, I journey on
toward my own destiny.
If only life was perfect
and love was enough to
balance hearts, and fill the void
peoples' leaving leaves
The fullness in one's life
would, surely, fill the empty
that a broken heart leaves.
9:48pm Oct 25, 2015

We are going to be judged
by the worldly
sometimes to our hurt....
Because blindly the judge
forgets we are living in
an imperfect world.
The best that one can hope for
is that the hurt be temporary
and not scar the heart
beyond repair.
Judge kindly the stranger
for there shall be times
the stranger will be you...
Remember ,in passing
we are all strangers
passing through.
4:44pm Oct 25, 2015

I wanted to cry today
but tears fell not
There's a time for tears
There's a time for a broken heart.

There's a time to hold on to
There's a time to let go
There's a time for the sun to shine
There's a time for day to lose its glow

There's a time for love
There's a time for everything
There's a time for regret
There's a time for remembering

And there's a time to forget.

11:35pm Oct 24, 2015

The Fallen Leaf

I fell to the ground
and a gentle breeze
lifted me above the tree
that once nurtured the
life in me.

But for a while, I was
the warmest color of green
Then a gusty wind came
and I floated to the ground
where the warmth from the sun
turned me to a golden brown.

Soon I will be a part of
something bigger than a leaf
I will be nourishment for the
green leaves, blowing in the I feed the roots
of the tree - that once fed me.
10:57pm Oct 24, 2015

Nothing that is, is without purpose. jt

Today, I sat and pondered life
and those things in it that
mean the world to me.

I thought about my daughters
and sons.....
I thought about passing time
and how it changes family.

I thought about how a mother's
love never changes though it has
the power to make change
in so many lives....

I thought about how much a family
can grow in size, and be in so many
places at the same time.

Many things crossed my mind
as my motherly heart remembered
once more....

To be thankful, for the time
spent nurturing those closest to
my heart before they left home-
to have families of their own.

Oh, how blessed I am and how
blessed I've been

No regrets, not one, my dear children,
unless it be, that I cannot hold
each of you in my arms- beneath my
heart again.
11:52am Oct 18, 2015

I Will Never Forget You

I will never forget you
You were always there
The many times I needed
a friend to help me get

You were my nursemaid
when I was small
A kiss or hug from you
cured it all....

You were my favorite chef
You served me with love
That linger with me to
this day....

You were the teacher that
fed my soul with your ways,
and wisdom...leaving not
an inch of my heart to wonder
the true meaning of love.

You were my best friend
You held my hand through thick
and thin....

You were a part of me- I was
a part of you.....
Life could send anything my way
and I always felt safe and loved
knowing I had you to take my hand
and lovingly walk me through.

I did not realize the importance
of a mother in my life ---until
I awoke to the first empty day
without you.

8:37am Oct 14, 2015

My Mama was killed as she stood beside\a highway
talking to her son...By a semi-truck driver who
had fallen asleep at the wheel, on Oct 14, 1987.

If you have a mother- don't take her for granted.
Let her know how much you love her....
One never knows what hour-what day----another mother
will earn her wings---and fly away. jt

A song we sing
our whole life through
From the moment we enter life
innocent and new....
Before we get voice
enough to sing
Inside we carry our own
special tune.

Once the first note is struck
be it soft as a gentle breeze
or like thunder on a stormy day
Each sound in life's song
be it the laughter,
be it cries of pain,
is a note in our life
that living life brings.
8:44pm Oct 11, 2015

I wish none to follow in my footprints.
I pray that each will strive to leave
his own footprints in the Sands of Time.

Be not what others would have you be
Live your life not in part.....
Live your life to the fullest...
Live your life with heart.
10:29pm Oct 2, 2015

There are places in life
I have been
I will never be again
In someone's mind
In someone's heart.
10:12pm Oct 2, 2015

Once things are said and done
nothing returns to being the same.
10:03pm Oct 2, 2015

Life is such a strange things
just when one thinks
they have things under control,
Things change.
10:00pm Oct 2, 2015

The sun has been dimmed by men

Polluted Water the roots of flowers
take in.....

The birds' songs are but a whisper
of what they'd always been....

The daylight grows darker as the
sunlight dims.

Man-made clouds fill the sky
as man-made rain - sends poison down
that will sooner or later kill every
living thing.

Geo-engineering is robbing nature
of all of her gentle ways
covering nature's natural beauty
With skies colored gray...

Think not, that the eyes of the angels
will be blinded by the man- made veil
that hides from moral eyes what
is hidden in the skies.
For wicked is he who would deceive
humanity-just to own the skies.

Evil has many faces
Nature's god has but one.........

Awaken soldiers -sleep not
for the heavens have been moved
to anger-by men and women
who have no heart.
2:48pm Sept 30, 2015

Let your love feed
hungry souls.....
Follow your heart
in all things...
Let your Light shine
and your truths be told jt

God, why is my heart breaking
Why, why, why
Lord, lift me above the pain
I feel in my heart.....
Show me the way you
would have me go..........
Weave hope to cover my spirit
that in troubled times-
I forget not....that darkness
cannot dim the love
I carry inside of my heart.
3:36pm September 26, 2015

God, give me strength
Take my weaknesses away
Give me insight to see needed
changes, today........
With broken heart beyond compare
like an empty glass filled to it empty
I ask that you mend me from inside
Fill the void of existence
with meaning.
Least, I die and leave behind
a meaningless life filled
with all the things that never were,
in my lifetime, meant to be.
1:49pm Sept 26, 2015

Faith is not transferable
Faith is a part of who one is.
Unlike love, that can be given
time and time again...
Faith can only come from
12:08am Sept 19, 2015


It has been a long journey
The spring time of my life
Lay behind me.....
The summer time of my life
Will never again be....
The Fall time of my life
Rests in yesteryears
Winter time's door I have
Already walked through...

In the Spring time of my life
From time to time, I'd fall and
Love's hand would rescue me
And dry away my tears.....
Spring and Summer time were
My learning years.

In the Fall time of my life
I had, with me, Springtime flowers.
It was in the Fall of my life that
I was taught the importance of not clinging
to those I love. [I had to learn to let go.]
The Fall was the season for my tears.....
When Springtime's flowers one by one,
from my eyesight, disappeared.

Now, that I have entered in the door
to life's wintertime, and my yester years
are no more....
I will stumble on winter time's paths
there's no doubt......
But the love that surrounds me,
and the faith inside of me-shall lift me far
above self-pity...

In my life's darkest times
love and peace, I, faithfully, seek.....
And always find.

12:02am Sept 16, 2015

The fight will come soon enough,
when the souls of men shall be

Why cry for the blood of another
to be shed..
When the tears that
fall over spilled blood might
fall on the grave where you lay?

Why seek to destroy places and
people out of hate..... when
love could build for humanity
a world filled with peace?

Let not anger take the place
of commonsense...

Let not hate fill in for love...

Let not your pain become the pain
of another.......

Love can change life for the better.

Hate can only make life lonely, and
leave one bitter.

10:38pm Sept 8, 2015

Walk the path that lay at
your feet ...
Let yesterdays tracks
be worthy of another
wandering feet to follow in.
Turn from the path that leads
to nowhere,
When in search of your true self.
Fear not what lay in wait
at your journey's end.
The paths in life are many
Walk upright down the path
wherever your life takes you.
Remembering, always,
to give thanks for the stones
in your path- that your god
helped you move.
The lessons we learn on
our life's journey
though they be many or few
will be left for others to ponder
as they walk in the sands of life
that you had once walked through.
11:40pm August 31, 2015

I cried out in pain
then gave thanks
for everything in the day
my tears still falling
God took the pain away.
Never lose faith
Never give in to self-pity
Always, there will be
someone who's pain
is greater than your own.
Tears and heartaches
fade with time...
Once one deserts his faith
Pains last longer and
the peace one searches for
one cannot find.
2:12pm August 12, 2015

I know not what breaks my heart
for love touches me, and I reap
its just reward.
I know I am loved.......
but what good is love that makes
one feel so empty and alone.....
9:15am August 11, 2015

Today, I look out my window
at the weeds, standing
where flowers use to grow.
And, I see yesterdays
that are no more.
And, in the memories
of those times gone by
I see the fullness
and the emptiness of today.
9:08am August 11, 2015

Listen to your heart
in all things.... concerning
love....For, when you
are old.... the heart will
weep.... for the love
it was denied.....and
there will be nothing
to satisfy the longing
for times gone by.....
Nothing to fill the
the un-filled void
that never truly loving
leaves behind.....
If love be near enough
to touch...
reach out and draw love in.
Hold love, and let love
engulf your being...
When you love
even for a short time
it leaves no regrets behind.
9:09pm August 10, 2015

If I could only find the words
to give my inner pain wings
my heart then could find peace. jt

There is a fire burning
deep inside of me
taking a toll on my heart...
Again I set with tears
rolling down my face...
What am I to do
but pray that God
will strengthen me and
dry my tears away.
8:51pm August 10, 2015

The rain has given way
to the silence of the night. jt

Don't run through life
so fast that you forget
to store up a few good
For the Times you set alone
and wonder where, all
the good times have gone.
12:51am July 24, 2015

If in the day you find
yourself in need
of a friend.......
You have a troubled
And you feel you can't
go on alone...
Remember[ for the
faithful] You have Jesus
to lean on....
When you think all hope
is gone.
8:39am July 16, 2015

Love gives everything
a special glow....... jt

In the moment
I ponder the things
that have came
into my life....
But did not stay....
The things I loved
with all my heart
a child taken away
a baby who never
got voice....
I think of things
that break my heart
and thank God
for helping me
endure the pain.
July 12, 2015 11:08pm

I cannot find words
to say what's in my heart..
Tho my thoughts be many
weaved by my heart strings
Silent be the words
encaged inside of me.
Dare I force my heart
to give voice
I think not......
For, words that cannot
flow easily
come not from the heart.
July 12, 2015 10:56pm

As I set here alone

I think of you
and a warmth
touches my heart.
You do not know me
Nor do I know you...
Except, in each other's
world as our spirits
were passing through.

In a lifetime
Many treasures a heart
will find.....
And through the years
a heart will draw strength
from the memories
of the treasures shine.....
If one does not forget
everything that touches
our life and finds place
in our heart......
Did its own time.
9:49pm June 10, 2015

As the day comes to a close
and my eyes testify that
all is not well with the sky
My heart tells me
If the sky is to heal
From evil, men must
break free.....
For, eyes made blind
by greed
the sky's tear
they can not see.....
Lord, release your light
upon the world
heal the sick and cure
the greed.
9:22pm May 30, 2015

Never think yourself so wise
that you over look the importance
of the smallest things. jt

Let my heart sing out
its song, and
Give voice to the
Where the broken
hearted lay.....
This world can sometimes
blind one to the beauty
sprung up -when one
lets the darker things
have their way.
What we look for in life
and what we find may
be two different things.
Just remember, wherever
life takes you
You have inside all
the help you will ever
need - to get you through.
4:53pm May 30, 2015

It don't take much
to make me happy.

I don't seek things
of the worldly.

I look for things
that bring me inner

For, nothing in this
world lasts forever

And I seek things in
the spirit that I can
carry with me.
4:36pm May 30, 2015

Today I set looking down
an old dirt road.....
to where sounds of laughter
filled the air.
Listening, I heard birds singing
And I knew
The laughter had gotten
their attention, too.
How blessed I am to be
setting here........
with so much laughter
so very near.....
I would not trade moments
Like this for anything ...
There is nothing to the heart
sweeter, than hearing loved ones
laugh, while wild birds sing.
4:19pm May 30, 2015

Twenty two years ago
you took on an angel's glow
and left the worldly behind.
Back to your beginning
where beauty and peace
are the only things
that an angel's eyes can find.
Twenty two years ago
you went home.
A journey you had to make alone.
Rest in peace my beautiful angel
next to your baby brother...
who too left this world much to soon
to live in eternity....
I love you both...
You both live in my heart
and in my memory--
8:15pm May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day
Mother, you carried me
beneath your heart
Until I was strong enough
to live apart.....
You carried me in your arms
my heart against your heart
until I could walk alone........
Then you took my hand
and walked with me
through my growing up years
On my wedding day
You let me go, to walk or
fall on my own.....
But I knew in my heart
you loved me with the same
heart that once sing me to sleep
with its beat.....
I knew, without a doubt, if it was
possible-You would always be
there for me.
Little did I know the power of
a mother's love.....
Until you moved to heaven above
and touched my life
with an angel's love.
I thank God everyday for giving me
a mother like you.....
For even though you live in eternity,
I know, I will always have memories of a loving
Angel Mother to help me through.
Happy Mother's Day, Mama....
I love you.
6:08pm May 9, 2015

The evil that looms above
the innocent
devouring the purity
shall find in the darkness
of his wickedness
the sword of justice
as from his blackened heart
upon the alter of righteousness
for his crime against innocence
fire from his filthy soul
upon the alter bleeds.

For the innocent shall be healed
and those who robbed them
shall taste the sword that bears
witness to their guilt.
For those blindly used to satisfy
your lust, a chain shall bind
you to the eternal flame.....
No more will the tears of the innocent
In your own evil you shall be consumed.

Think not that justice shall be swift
For, not until your ashes are blown by
the wind into every nation on earth
and the thought of you has turned to dust
Shall your debt to the innocent be paid.
4:17pm May 9, 2015

Three Generations

In my arms I hold innocence
Tomorrows hopes and dreams
Of bigger and better things.
I am Winter....
He is the Flower of Spring .jt

As forever draws near to my soul
Wearily, I struggle, to stay on the
path that lay before me......
Let me not cling to the worldly
as into the light unseen hands
carry me.....
Let me not seek that which
belongs to another......Let me give,
for as long as I have something to give.
And when all is emptied out ,let me not
selfishly want more, than what was my
Let me walk upright, in all of my ways
and not forget to give thanks at
the end of my days.
1:53am April 28, 2015

Poetry is but a heart put into words
that flow from places deep within. jt
1:25 am April 28, 2015

Silent, voiceless,
rest the words
Chained inside of me
Next to my heart beat.

Oh, why cannot I unlock
those words of love, to
share with those in need?

Where lay the key?
It rest not inside of me
but far beyond my reach.
1:35 am April 21, 2015

The morning has caught me
pondering the whys of things
Hopefully the answers
the day will bring....
How tired I am this moment
Sleep is what I need......
I wish for nothing but
Sweet inner peace......
2:29am April 19, 2015

Lord, give me the strength
to always stand for what
I think is right.... and
Let me not fear death, more
than I love truth. jt

What the rich man sees
he can buy according
to his greed....
What the poor man sees
he buys according
to his need.
And in the end the rich
and poor both lay down
to sleep..
10:22pm April 16, 2015

Let the wind blow
and the waters flow
for no man can control
my destiny.... No man
can reach for my dreams
but me.

If I fail along the way
to walk through the doors
that have been opened for me
it will be because its not
things of the worldly I seek.
10:07 pm April 16, 2015

This day was filled with
loved ones near and far
and thoughts of thankfulness.
How blessed my life has
been this day---
Not with riches and gold
but with love, and a sense
of the peace deep down
inside my soul.
9:52pm April 16, 2015

Each of us carry a burden
and a blessing all of our life........
Sometimes the burden gets so heavy
the blessing feels like its dying inside.
This life is not our permanent home
One day all that the eyes see will be gone.
Everyday I awake I know I still
have a burden to carry and I must journey on.
None can travel the road I walk - each must
travel through this life seeking his own way
until he reaches the end of this life's day.
Never think to live so fast as to forget
nothing in this world was made to last.
9:35pm April 16, 2015

I would like to think
where there is a beating heart
there is a caring soul
tho I have learnt from living,
many years- that this is not
always so.
5:40pm April 9, 2015

You sent the flowers to cover the weeds
The night to cover the light
and in the midst you placed a shadow of what
is to be.
As your light withdrew back into itself; into
the greater good, it released upon the world
havoc and grief.
5:13 pm April 9, 2015

Love is a wise man's
And a good man's
blessing. jt

Sometimes one does not realize
ones need to release the feelings
bottled up inside...
Until after the tears have fallen
and the eyes have dried.
7:50pm March 31, 2015

There are tears falling
from my eyes
That my heart cannot deny.
Tears that fall before
a inside
my spirit weeps.
7:44pm March 31, 2015

As I look outside
through the windowpane
To the wildflowers
that Spring brings....
I can't help but wonder
how the flowers survive
the weeds.
7:39pm March 31, 2015

Be careful that little hearts
do not get broken or injured
by your hand.
A child does not understand
that their heart can be broken
by love's own hand.
Be careful not inflict pain
on an innocent heart
that loves you so......
A child is to young to know
that one who truly loves them
can be the one who give their
heart a tearful blow.
7:14pm March 26, 2014

Today, my children
are pieces of my heart
that fit perfectly together,
to form the sweets memories
of the many years we shared
together ......children,
and mother.....
Bearable, my empty nest
because I have always known
as much love and care
as i have put into raising them
they were never really mine
they each are a blessing
sent to me on loan
destined to receive
blessings of their own.
2:53pm March 26, 2015

Today, the sun is hide behind
a tainted sky....
as angels search the darkness
for lost souls....
Why are so many blinded
by man-made lights?
Do not they know it's
an illusion, that they are
standing in the night?
2:29pm March 26, 2015

My life is more
than the eye can see
My life is what exist
beneath and beyond
the vessel I call "me".
2:18pm March 26, 2015

It's dark and in the darkness
I set pondering the moment
and how precious a moment
of time is.
In the moment I am. jt

I have lived my life with heart.
Love is my heart's creed....
I live and love
because love was given to me
in my time of need.....
When a man is blind to love
Life and heart, empty be.
Judge not one by words alone
without considering his deeds.
10:54pm March 23, 2015

When night time falls for the last time
and the last thought gives way to life's
When the end becomes the beginning
and all that was is no more...
When eyes that slumber see
what is not to be.....
When void be tomorrow's dream,
Where lay your heart, among life's dying
10:34pm March 23, 2015

The sky above my head
that man shall cause
his own demise. jt

Today, I felt God's hands
at work in the world; I saw
The clear skies reclaim
what the hands of man
had made ugly and vile.

I witnessed the heart beat
of mankind beating
to the step of its better self,
in each glimmering ray of sun,
that erased, from heaven,
what the hands of man
had done.

Man can not become
more than what he was
born to be......Man cannot
change what God has done
or what lay in wait
If man cannot live in peace
on earth -he is not worthy
of the peace that lay
beyond his reach.
7:17pm March 16, 2015

Sometimes, when

I take the time
to look beyond the
things over head
and the things beneath
my feet
to the things that
only my heart can reach
I find in the darkest of places
faithful souls, who seek
nothing more than to awaken, and
fall asleep, under a blanket of peace.
And in those moments
when I dare to look beyond
the me-I doubt not, that
God hears innocence's plea.
In the hands of all, duty rests,
Will you heed the cries for peace
Will you turn a deaf ear,
Which will it be?
6:46pm March 16, 2015

I wonder, how many lives
would be changed, in a day,
if all knew life would end
How many would plea the fifth
to be spared foreseeable
How many would claim
someone else is to blame
They didn't know, if they had
their life would surely have changed?
How many would beg to be poor
give all their treasures away
just to own a pair of angel wings?
11:07pm March 9, 2015

Today, I endured
That I might sleep
and awaken to peace
worry free.
Yet, I know, that sleep
while it gives one rest
can not give one
11:26 pm March 5, 2015

There is no glory
in sacrificing
innocence in honor's

No greater sin than
denying the hungry food
when one's table is full.

Little knowledge, have
the wisest,
without understanding.

Not always are the eyes
to be trusted to reveal
the truth of a matter.

Never rush tomorrow
before the day is done.

A heart close to nature
is closest to nature's god.

A Wise man sees the world
through his understanding
of worldly things.

A wiser man views things
from the depths of his heart.
11:11pm February 28, 2015

The world is suffering so
The sky once so blue
suffers from mortal abuse.

The grass covered ground
is dying beneath my feet..
The air I breathe is thick
with grief.

Lord, I know your will
will always be done
and there is a time for
everything under the sun.

I know these things to be true
Because this life would be
unbearable-if not for you.

Thank you, for taking my hand
so long ago and never
letting it go.
11:51am February 23, 2015

It's hard to find words
of comfort for another
when the waters rise
so high....
Lord, let me not get lost
among the thorns of
another's pain.
If I drift beyond your sight
help me in life's darkness
to find my way in life's night.
A million times I have turned
to you for strength
Many times I have asked you
to show me the way you would
have me go.
With each passing day I learn
something new about my self.
In the flesh I am weak
but in my heart I know
I can always count on you.
Thank you for loving me
when I feel so alone....
Thank you for loving me
until my tears are dried
and my fears are gone...
Thank you for the light
that shines in the darkness
of my night.
12:17am February 22, 2015

God is truly an awesome god .

Into tomorrow
Into today
an angel waits

As I wade through
this day.....
of trials toward
my fate.

I seek not what
my hand cannot touch
or my eyes cannot
rest upon......

I am but a traveler
in a world not my own
With faith, in the hard
times- I am made strong.

What tomorrow will bring
I must wait on...and not
rush what is to be.....

For only God knows all things
and what all tomorrows
will bring.

Lord, teach me daily lessons of love
as you fill my heart with assurance
that wrapped inside each dark cloud's
silver lining-I will find a feather
to add to my set of angel wings.

Thank you God for this day
in which I strive to find my way
Thank you for keeping your hand on me
For, in your care, I know I'm safe.

Written for Bella on my 66th Birthday
February 20, 2015

It's easy to find the bad
When one is not looking for good
Deeds done when anger leads
Is not the quickest way to peace.
A heart filled with Love is to be
desired above all worldly things.
Waste not your life hating your
enemy.....for the heart of neither
shall escape the eyes of God.
Life is the ultimate test of a man's
None shall be judged for another's sin.
Love those who would cause you pain,
with a sincere heart-for by doing so
two souls might be saved.
Love today that you might awaken
to love tomorrow....
From love peace finds entrance
From hate only grows sorrow.
12:20am February 16, 2015

In the silence of the night
I feel the hands of God
at work in all things,
Ones faith need not feel
God's touch, to know
His presences.
When I fall God's love
gives me the strength to stand.
Love has a courage of its own.
11:30pm February 15, 2015

Lord, I need you to guide me
down the path you would
have me go......
If I fall into the waters, please
keep me afloat.
My eyes have seen places
where danger lay in wait
give me the wisdom
to know which path to take.
My heart has felt the knife
of human compassion
and restraint's hand...
Anger has moved my lips, please
help me too understand.
My life is but a flicker of light
blowing in the wind, please
give me the knowledge
I will need to have in my heart and
hold in the palm of my hand.
Guide me, where you would have me go
Take me to the places
you would have me stand.
1:38am February 10, 2015

Wake from your sleep
and see what darkness
has done....
While you slept the liar
of all liars created clouds
to hide the sun...
And in the darkness prepared
for you a pit of snakes
to fall into.
Let not his cunning ways
His dress of silver and gold
and promises of riches
rob you of your soul.
When in the morn you wake
thread the waters of the day
prepared, always, to face
the enemy of your soul
the keeper of the snakes.
Trust your heart
to guide you in all things
wherever you go...
For love is a blind man's
strength, and the liar's woe.
1:07 am February 3,2015

Lord, thank you, for the lessons
living has taught me.
Thank you, for keeping me afloat
in life's raging sea.
Thank you, for showing me
that no matter how bad life gets
That faith is not enough
unless in one's heart
he truly believes.
11:37pm January 31, 2015

When I look beyond my world
I see a world I once knew
at the point of destroying
all that it once had me believe.
I see a world, millions of worlds
lost on life's wavy sea.
And I stand in awe at the sight
of so many caught up in living
life in another's dream.
11:27pm January 31, 2015

I have looked back in time
and pondered what once was.
I have thought about life
and what it truly means
to be alive.
One's life is more than the
eye can see.
One life holds the essence
of all things.
Where man is born new hope
Judge not another according
to what he has or what he
has not.
For who among you will
taste the wine
or hear the fine maiden sing
who among you will recognize
the rich from the poor
when your worldly eyes
can no longer see
The shine of the things
that used to be?
Who among you
in death, will remember
the price of worldly things?
11:08pm January 31, 2015

Lord, the years have brought me
to this day........
Was the promise you made to a child
that I shall give voice too.

Let me never lose the feeling of
knowing that something greater
rests beyond the darkness.

Let my inner eyes not close
to that warm glow that touched
my soul so long ago.

Guide me this day to the end
of what was to be, when
my life was new, and innocence
rested inside of me.

Let those who seek truth
rest their inner eyes on the things
that the outer eyes can not see.
Let those with heart listen with
their inner ears, to what the heart
knows to be.
1:39 pm January 28, 2015

Do not let the eyes be deceived
into seeing what is not there.
Do not let the ears believe
only what it wants to hear.
Many a good soul has been blinded
by an invisible foe.

Listen not with ear alone
to the happenings in a day.....
For, such will guide the most innocent,
from his raising, to stray......

Look beneath what the eyes can see
for beneath the surface rest
the heart of the dead,
and the living.
1:23pm January 28, 2015

The wicked, long ago, devised
a plan to control the fate of man.
In the beginning, when all things
were new, some thought to rule
with mighty hand.

But, to have another take by force
was not to be.
For many a wise man gathered to
face the foe and save humanity.

Then a few evil men gathered in
darkness's back room
and another plan was conceived
to rule mankind's' destiny.

Never again to use force
but to rule by greed.
For, what man will let his family
go hungry-when offered a piece
of bread, on which all can feed?
1:03pm January 28, 2015

Intertwined the silver threads
of today's living and yesterday's dead.
In and out the glimmering strands
lust and greed go hand in hand.
Seek shelter from the morning dew
close not your weary eyes least
the spider finds you sleeping
and makes a meal of you.
12:47pm January 28, 2015

A drop of rain will not satisfy
a rich man's thirst
and the rain cloud, that sent down
the drop of rain ,he will curse.
For, thirst blinds where greed
thrives.....and those made blind
would rather curse the cloud
that sent down the drop of rain
than give thanks, for their
share of life and the smallest things.
They know not, that the first drop
of rain, that fell to earth, rests
at the bottom of the greatest sea
and that a drop of rain is but a sign
of the greater things to be.
Keep faith, yea thirsty soul.
10:13am January 24, 2015

Honor....Where is the honor
in demeaning the less fortunate?
Have you no shame? Do you not
see what has been created for
future generations to reap?
Once, those who held tomorrows'
reigns walked proudly on the
ground of their ancestors; and found
strength to conquer their inner demons
of lust and greed, in the blood
that run through their veins.
Oh, how blind has the years made
those that came forth to walk this earth
from the seed of great men who now lay
sleeping in their graves.
Do you not hear the pleas of those
God has placed in your charge?
Gold and silver belongs to the earth
it is the value a man places on them
that decreases or increases their worth.
Belittle not
those who live by the sweat of their brow.
For when the end of time comes
it will be they who offer their hand
in friendship-and share the fruits
of their labor with those who have never
had to earn a living
by the sweat of their own brow.
There is no honor in kicking a person
when they are down, or in feeling
superior to one's equal.
Honor is earned one day at a time
It cannot be brought with silver and gold
Honor must be nurtured inside one's soul
Honor must earn its place among men.
Follow not a greedy heart
In all things look for the good in others
The truth of a matter rests not in tales told
but in deeds done.
5:53pm January 11,2015

Let the wind carry my song
deep within its shadow
for those in darkness to hear.
Let the waters carry my song
to its shores.....and wash clean
the sands of time
that the blind might see and weep
and find peace from troubling
Let the heart of mankind
once more hear the song of peace
when darkness falls, and the earth
trembles beneath the weight of
those who walk with no feet.
Let every heart pour love out
for those who first built
the greater things with heart-
who now sleep.
12:37am January 5, 2015

Without remembrance
all the good that once was
can no more be......
For it was in yesteryears
dreams first took flight.
It was in what was that
what is came to be.
2:59am January 5, 2015

I set pondering life
and what my purpose be......
I have lived long enough
to know I am my own destiny.
Tho my path lay before me
and an uncharted sea
I must choose wisely
the waters I thread
and the path on which
I place my feet.
2:13am January 5, 2015

Yesterday, a year came
to its end
and a new year begin.
Let me journey onward
with time, until
like yesteryears
my life comes to its end.
Let my life serve meaning
my hands serve righteousness
and my heart serve to bring
others back into the fold
of human compassion....
then when darkness falls
I can rest in peace.
11:33pm January 1, 2015

Silent lay the year gone by
nothing but memories remain
not a sound but a whisper
of yesteryears dreams
can this heart of mine claim.
11:20pm January 1, 2015