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At 1908 Brands, we manufacture, manage, and market a family of natural product brands. We envision a world of trusted products that inspire happiness by adapting with the ever-changing needs of our planet and people. At our core, we are environmentalists. We are driven to create quality, trusted products that adapt with the ever-changing needs of our planet and people. We proudly disrupt markets that have poor environmental and health impacts. We reject the idea that safer, healthier products must come with a sacrifice. We create innovative products that inspire a “yes” moment. Most importantly, we invite you to join us to create a better world.


1908 refers to the year in which our Founder and CEO Steve Savage’s Great Great Uncle – William Kent – saved one of the last great Redwood Groves from being sold to lumber interests.

He bought all 300 acres and presented the property to Teddy Roosevelt and the US Government as a gift. The land is now known as Muir Woods National Park.

We currently manufacture, manage and market seven natural product brands. Our family of brands with products that are healthy solutions for home and planet.

An extensive line of natural cleaning and laundry products. Dating back to 1993, Boulder Clean is a pioneer in the green cleaning product market as they focus on making cleaning products that work just as well as (if not better than) all those products that are packed with toxic chemicals.

Hands-free, odor-free composting. CompoKeeper was founded on the premise of making in-home composting simpler and cleaner, thereby increasing the number of people adopting eco-friendly behavior in their everyday lives.

Paleo, gluten-free, grain-free and (most importantly) TASTY! Our bites, coconut chips, bars and cookies are nutrient-packed with everything you need to thrive (and nothing you don’t).

When we formulated our snacks, we kicked out the grains and only invited whole food ingredients like fruits, nuts and seeds to the party. We sweetened them with pure honey and added a hefty dose of superfoods like chia, hemp and flax. With the highest quality standards in mind, we proudly offer nutrient-packed treats to help fuel your life and keep you thriving.

Fruitivity Snacks produces creative fruit snacks including crunchy apple chips. At Fruitivity, we believe that nature made fruit so we could make it a little better. Our snacks are ripe with curiosity with unique flavors and proprietary manufacturing process– we strive to think outside the produce aisle and find where fruit can go next. Only Fruitivity soaks our snacks in 100% fruit juice before drying to naturally preserve freshness and infuse flavor.

A 30-year-old family recipe first introduced during family cookouts for their local high school sports teams in Monument, CO. The family recipe is honored to this day with a variety of cooking hot sauces, seasoning/rub and snacks products. Schultz’s Gourmet centers around the joy of entertaining and sharing food with loved ones.

The Pasta Jay’s restaurant has lived as a Boulder CO institution since first opening in 1988, with authentic Italian recipes passed down for generations. Now you can enjoy our Housemade Marinara at home! Heat with your favorite vegetables, meat, poultry, or by itself. Served over pasta and topped with parmigiano makes for a delicious and healthy meal.

Allergen-free, probiotic oatmeal, bars, and squeeze packs. We love oats. They’re practically a superfood without the title, so we don’t mess with perfection. Instead, we strive for it, making “just right” as easy to find as it is to enjoy. We’re here to make you smile with your mouth full with food so perfect, you won’t want to change a thing. We believe you shouldn’t have to search or sacrifice to find what’s just right.

We envision an eco-oriented consumer audience becoming the mainstream, demanding performance in the same way their less-than-eco-friendly predecessors did.

We are constantly looking to develop new brands and products to meet this goal – feel free to contact us if you would like to join forces!
• Our Values •


We operate with integrity and create quality products. Everything we do is rooted in our commitment to the planet and our place in it. We achieve this commitment with the highest business and product standards and create products that are safer for the home and family. We create products with honesty and transparency.


We embrace change. We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. We are always pursuing growth and constant improvement. We recognize the ever-changing state of the world and create innovative products that fit these needs.


We are bold without being reckless. We are creators. We have the courage to lead and change the world in a positive way. The work we do is important, but it’s also invigorating. We are passionate about “yes” moments. We always celebrate our accomplishments, big and small.


We are stewards for the environment and work with a wealth of understanding across our markets. Through a focus on continuous research and development, we bring change to industries with knowledge of the way things are and the ways things could be.

5 questions with Steve Savage, CEO of 1908 Brands
'Next Boulder Brands' eyeing acquisitions in 2016
By Shay Castle

Staff Writer
Posted: 01/16/2016 09:00:00 AM MST

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Production manager Hannah Bechtold pours cacao nibs... (Lewis Geyer / Staff Photographer)

If there's a first family of green business in Boulder County, it's the Savages.

Steve Savage for 15 years ran Boulder's Eco Products, which he founded with his dad, Kent Savage, who himself served as chairman of Eco-Cycle. Eco Products was one of the first companies to offer such items as compostable paper plates and plastic cups.

His current company, 1908 Brands, is named for the year his great-grandfather, William Kent, donated the 300 acres of land that became California's Muir Woods National Park to the federal government.

But now, Steve Savage is chasing an even bigger legacy: becoming "the next Boulder Brands," which in November sold for nearly $1 billion.

1908's recent purchase of Paleo snack maker Wholly Bites last month kicked off what Savage hopes will be a frenzied year of acquisitions. We sat down with Savage to learn more about his ambitious plans:

Longmont's Wholly Bites is your third acquisition (joining cleaning products brand Boulder Clean and home compost maker CompoKeeper) and your first food product. Are you moving away from non-food ventures?

Being here in Boulder and being surrounded by 200 natural food companies, we felt we should get into food.

Our recent staff meeting started in the snack aisle at Whole Foods. We were looking at all the things there, seeing where there were new trends, new opportunities.

What about Wholly Bites attracted you? Are you jumping on the Paleo bandwagon?

Wholly Bites is a great product, with a lot of opportunities. We're going to roll out Paleo bars, meat and veggie bars, next under that brand.

Paleo trends are translating across categories. Look at (meat snacks business) Epic. They sold last week to General Mills.

In general, I want our brands to be accepted in a Target. We always try to market to the conservative shopper and the LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) crowd.

What other companies are you looking at for 2016?

We want to have four to six new brands by the end of the year. Right now, we're having conversations with two dozen different brands.

That's an ambitious goal, and quite a bit faster than your previous growth. How are you going to do it?

We've grown quite a bit, from eight to 13 employees.

We've been doing this for five years. I've been trying to get the company to a point where we can handle this, and I think we can.

What's the game plan for reaching Boulder Brands status? Is there anything about their journey that you want to do differently?

The ultimate goal is one of two things: An IPO or a private equity sale. It could be a few years from now or 20 years away. As long as it's fun.

At Eco Products, after $50 million in revenue, it became nine hours of meetingS to get one percent more in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amoritization). I gave up.

At 1908, our niche can be small companies: less than $5 million in revenue. They're the ones that need the most help.

Also, we're going to develop our own brands from scratch. We're actually launching our fourth brand — our first developed product — at Expo West. But I can't tell you what it is!

This is what I enjoy doing: creating brands.

Shay Castle: 303-473-1626, castles@dailycamera.com or twitter.com/shayshinecastle